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February 7, 2016

Welcome to Queensgate Coaching

We are committed to providing everyone, regardless of your age and ability, with a positive sporting experience.

Our team of qualified and experienced coaches will ensure sessions motivate and improve all individuals in a fun and safe environment. We run popular weekly courses for all ages and levels of player - from beginners to experienced players - and you can join at any point.

There are numerous sessions for all levels of players, from those who have never played before, all the way through to players competing at a regional and national level. 

We have a structured programme, using the LTA mini tennis system to help players improve and progress from any age.

Our programme enables us to provide a clear pathway for players and gives them the chance to be continually pushed and ensure they are in the best environment to improve.

Visit coaching programme. https://www.wackit.net/Coaching/

Please contact Darren on 07789905895 or email darren@wackit.net




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